Get your own information app Bond your clients, manage your data

Imagine an advanced information app that can be branded and customised to your needs; managing diverse information, sharing it with clients - and assigning responsibility for data maintenance to multiple authors. That's the Humapps Data App Model (H-DAM), a modular tools for low-cost app development for phones, pads and desktops.

We build  advanced information apps!

How it works

Powerful H_Dam is pre-structured by logic and associated values, so it's quickly adapted to most information tasks.

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An app that makes information usable can also bond them to you, demonstrate sector leadership and build brand esteem.

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The Business Model

Some apps make big money, some are long-lasting, low cost promotions. Here are some business models that work.

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Instant Data Edit

Edit app data live from a browser and assign update responsibility direct to the information originators.

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Navigating this site

To take the full journey through this website, check out the main menu items above. May we suggest you start with Business model then go to Benefits, then H-DAM then Money and finally Make it happen.

Or you can take the fast route and go straight to Make it happen

Or you can pick up the phone and talk direct to Michael Woodhouse on (08) 9218 8888 or 0417 928 904.

What’s in this for you

This website explains how we can help you develop a phone and pad app that will:

  • deliver real value to your clients
  • bond them to you
  • establish you as a thought-leader and innovator.

Four critical subjects are covered:

  1. Conceiving an app that will service, bond and impress your clients (the business model)
  2. Building your app (using our pre-structured app)
  3. Promoting and growing your app
  4. Costs

About HumApps

We’ll be flattered if you want to read more about us. Or you can check our experience and bona fides.

Check out these apps…

  • Mooditj
  • WorkPod Safety
  • Plant Sleuth
  • iknowPolitics

A database of medical services for Indigenous men. Included service providers update their own data, making the task of keeping the app up to date a cinch. Works when there is no data connection too.

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This app is set to revolutionise safety systems for mining, construction and large businesses, replacing paper-based systems with an app and delivering accurate real time, actionable data instead of an incomplete, weeks-old history.


This app helps farmers identify native plants that may be useful for stock feed during drought conditions. It works without a connection, so farmers can compare plants side by side in the field. They can also take notes and submit comments from the app.

View app on itunes store.

iknowpolitics lists every member of Federal Parliament, with the Party, positions, contact details (electorate and Canberra), Twitter account and more. Essential for anyone who has to deal with politicians!

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