Our company actually began in 1988, when it was launched as Perth's first desktop publishing bureau.

After that business was sold, the company was renamed Glide and relaunched in January 2009 as a strategic planning consultancy for SMEs and NFPs. A wide range of marketing services were added, including brochure creation and websites.

We began making apps pretty much as a corporate hobby in 2011.

What we soon began to appreciate was that apps had real business potential, first in promotions but beyond that as very effective management tools, especially for managing information.

Humapps was born out of this.

In its first years Humapps focused on research.

We soon began to question the then nearly universal belief (it's still widely held) that all data apps had to be built from scratch and could not be mostly assembled from standard modules. We saw that Apple was creating a lot of standardised functions in its app building environment, so we felt we were not alone and persisted in developing standard modules.

We also became obsessed with two way data syncing. Early on, the only way for a publisher to update data on an app (that was stored locally on each device) was to release a new version. This was slow, cumbersome and expensive. We saw that what business users needed was to be able to update their data live, for immediate availability – and that would drive an explosion in the use of apps for business and information functions.

At the time we started on this mission, the naysayers were actually right: what we wanted to do was impossible.  But what has happened is that the app platforms have innovated and become more flexible powerful. Mobile devices and networks have become much more capable.

In 2014, we were able to deliver our vision, including modular builds and two way data sync.

Now we're building apps for clients that use the  technologies we have developed, to achieve amazing things. And we're continuing to develop and expand our technologies, including to reflect input from our customers. Every project helps us push the envelope in some new way.

It's a great time to be developing apps.


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