Very cost effective

A data app that has a net cost to the organisation is a failure.

The goals of an app can include efficiency that saves time and money, improved customer service that satisfies customers and customer engagement that that secures and wins business. Even as a promotion, a worthwhile app will be lower cost per return than convention promotions.

So a successful app is a cost saver.

But how much will it cost?

We don't want to be evasive, but apps can cost from a few hundred for simple games to hundreds of thousands for complex, evolving apps.

To give you a reasonable price estimate, we need to know broadly what you want to achieve. We'll do this for free, just contact us.

If there are areas that are unclear, we may recommend a scoping study be done first. This is not free, but it is no obligation and you own the results, so you can take them with you to another supplier if you wish.

We do give fixed price quotes, but only after agreement on a functional specifications document that precisely defines the app.


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