Long term benefits

A data app should be a long term project. If the data is worth gathering and using, it will usually continue to be important – and to grow in importance if you keep developing it.

This means ongoing benefits for you, with a long-term ROI.

 For example, if you have built and branded a sector resource app, over time people will come to rely on it. Everytime they use it they will be reminded of you and your sector leadership in creating the app.

Apps can have other long term benefits when they take on a life of their own and are spun off as a new enterprise. That's how Humapps started: at Glide, a small business and NFP consultancy, we started playing with apps for fun, but we soon realised that apps had a huge untapped potential to deliver benefits to businesses. And so – not immediately, but after a couple of years of development – Humapps was borne. It's not an exclusive story: it could be yours too.

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