Business Model

Apps for profit

The concept of the global apps market, as developed by Apple, has been its own run-away success, because it offers app sellers a really good deal: instant global reach, they will process your international payments for you (even guarantee your payment) and give you use of a high-tech delivery platform they will maintain and promote.

You really can have a global product for a few thousand dollars.

Everyone has heard the stories of simple games that went viral and sites that sold for billions after less time than it takes to get a university degree. Facebook, in fact, is "just" an app, in mobile and desktop versions.

Of course, for every run-away success at the top of the tree, there are thousands of failures at the bottom. Most of them poorly thought out, under-funded and with no real business model or market position.

In the middle are thousands of businesses and individuals earning a good return and building for the future.

The first app business model was pure simplicity: put up an app and hope people buy it. Learn from your mistakes, put up another one and another and another. For those with good apps and successful marketing, it worked.

Now evolving is a second model: we call it "the app as a business". It happens where an app becomes the total business, with an evolving, long term product and expanding geographical presence. Read more.

If you're interesting in making your fortune through an app – or you've just got an idea knocking around your brain that won't go away – contact us.

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