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Apps that help

Apps can be many things: games, social, tools like calculators or sales platforms. Increasingly important to businesses are apps which store and sort information, making it available on demand, anywhere.

People use information apps to find medical services, restaurants, tourist attractions and just about any specialised service. Apps can store information like sport scores and first aid information. Businesses are using them to store material safety sheets, standard forms and company procedures manuals.

Information apps are also helping businesses interact more effectively with clients and deliver better services.

Businesses which provide specialised services on the customer's site or at a work site are a good example. Typically the clients of these businesses want good documentation of the services they are paying for, but this is time consuming for the supplier and very often doesn't get done well. And it can take days before reports are typed up and sent out.

App-equipped workers however can take photos (even videos) of work performed while they are on site, with time and location stamps; they can enter notes on their mobile (or even speak notes); complete standard forms, even record billing information. They can do this before they leave the job, when the information is available and most likely to be accurate. And the information can be fed into the businesses head office procedures, even automated.

The business can give its clients password-controlled access to their data on line so customers can be viewing the information they want before the service person has even made it back to base.

 This is a very practical, real-world efficieny gain that reduces costs and errors and improves client service.

We've spent the last three years developing proprietary app code that overcomes out-of-range problems and makes it much easier to enter, upate and manage data via our cloud Data-valt. We call it the Humapps Database Application Model or H-DAM.

If you've got an idea for an app that involves entering and accessing data, give us a call. If you go to our contact page you'll also be able to download our standard NDA (non-disclosure or privacy agreement, that protects any intellectual property you disclose to us).

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