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Sharing the load

Lots of database projects fail. That's a sad fact, because a lot of potential business advantages are lost.

The most common cause of failure is that the data gathering and entry task is wildly under-estimated and just becomes too much.

This is a problem that Humapps' H-DAM solves brilliantly, by making the data owner or originator directly responsible for entering their data and keeping it up to date, via a web interface to a Cloud Data-vault.

They can make updates any time they want and the updates go live immediately. No waiting for the next edition. No checking, no proofs, no chasing sign-off: the owner of the data manages it directly.

And, being an app, the amount of information each service can enter is much expanded and almost unlimited.

We learned the importance of the ability to allocate data responsibility through one of our clients. They had produced a hard copy booklet of specialised medical services for their target group.

Everyone agreed the booklet was great, although the amount of information about each of the 300 or so services was a bit limited and inevitably some of the details had become out of date during the production process.

Unfortunately the future of this much needed booklet was in doubt because of the simple magnitude of the data task. To make a new edition, for example, they had to write to all 300 suppliers and ask then for any updates. Receive the updates, enter them and send a proof out for approval. And they had to follow up the people who had not responded. Even for 300, it was a daunting, resource hungry, almost never ending task.

By transferring data responsibility to the data owners, this entire task was cut out.  The data quality was improved by making it more up to date and more comprehensive. Data owners were happy too, because they had control, they could do regular (even daily) updates and they could tell a bigger story. For one organisation, focusing on their own data, the entry task was not such a burden.

We were even able to build in a tool to export the data for use in updating future print editions, direct from the app (with automatic shortening of app entries that were too long for the print version).

You can download the app that resulted for free from the iTunes store.

Like all client-inspired developments of H-DAM, that feature is now standard in all H-DAM based apps developments.

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