Case studies

Mooditj Marmun

This app gives users access to over 300 medical suppliers with specialist services for Indigenous men, in the south west of Australia.

It provides the ability to search by service type, or what is treated, and by location.

Due to the areas included it was essential the app worked even when there was no coverage, and H-DAM delivered this.

Mooditj Marmun was first published in book form. The biggest task for the organisers was getting all 300 providers to confirm their information prior to publication, a task which involved many hours of follow up. And then, inevitably, some of the information had changed before the book had left the printers.

The app version gives each provider direct access to and responsibility for maintaining their own information, dramatically easing the publisher's task.

The app version is always up to date, so when the book is reprinted, it can be updated from the app – rather than having to go back to the suppliers and chase them all.

The Mooditj Marmun app is published by MAN healthier directions for males Inc which is the peak body for men's health organisations in Western Australia.

The app is available on iTunes.

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