Do-it-yourself instant updates

Apps have been a bit like websites, only worse: every time you wanted to change something, you had to brief a designer or coder. It took too long and cost way too much. With apps it's worse because often you have to mount a complete new app to the distribution platform – and hope your users go to the inconvenience of downloading it.

That all changes with the H-DAM model. All the data in a H-DAM app is stored in our Data-vault. As the app owner, you can access the Data-vault directly.  You can change text and images. You can create new headings, new screens. No coding. No costs. And it goes live immediately.

The next time a user of your app is in wireless or mobile range (depending on the settings they have chosen for their phone) they will get a fast update, not of their entire app, but just of the changes.

If your app users are entering data locally, this gets transferred to Data-vault the same way.

This is perfect for critical data updates, like prices and stock levels, and for giving daily reports and messages.

It sounds a bit like an easy-to-use website but H-DAM is not a so-called web-based app that is really a miniaturised website and won't work without internet. H-DAM is a  true "native" app that stores all data in the user's device, so it works when there is no reception and it works without delays waiting for data to load.

If you want to distribute and collect time-sensitive data that users access remotely, quickly and at low cost, then H-DAM is what you need.

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