How it works

The Humapps Database Application Model or H-DAM is based on two core sets of tools:

  • Core software modules that are pre-made to be readily adaptable to a variety of database needs, that work together and can be assembled quickly into the capabilities needed.
  • A cloud Data-vault that stores data, lets app owners make real time updates and pushes updated data to users in small packets of changes only.

The software that makes up the app is stored on the platform (eg, iTunes, Google Play) and is downloaded to users' devices with a full set of data.

After the initial download, the data on the users' phone is updated from the cloud Data-vault whenever the phone is in wifi range (or phone range, if the user has enabled that option). This means that the user always has a full up-to-date data set on their device, even if they go out of range. Anywhere on earth, they can continue working with the app, calling up information and saving information for transmission back to the Data-vault next time they are connected.

We've simplified the explanation, so the ideas may seem obvious, but this model is a breakthrough that enables many more, really practical data apps to be developed. Updating data via the Data-vault really empowers a lot of apps; see Sharing the load for more information.

H-DAM can be adapted to suit most data purposes, but with substantial savings on development costs for the core modules. In fact, if your purpose can be achieved entirely within the standard HDAM structure, you can save 80% or more on development costs.

And we’re constantly expanding the structure. You can call or email us to discover how this could benefit you, or check out the menu items on the left.

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