Info creation and updating

Many a data-base project has faltered over the tasks of gathering and then maintaining data. Typically the size of the task and its difficulty is underestimated.

H-DAM apps share the load by enabling your users to take on the data entry and update task.

This is not only practical and cost-saving for you, it is often better for the users, who thus get to "own" their own data and take responsibility for it.

The result is often more comprehensive, detailed and accurate data.

Using H-DAM you can also break up your data into different areas of management responsibility.

But  that locally entered and updated data is stored centrally and can be accessed, searched and explored at your global level.

Many projects publishing data form multiple sources, that were once just too much work, can be made viable using H-DAM. Check out the Mooditj Marmun app on the home page of this website, for an example.


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