Information management

We live in an IT driven economy and the big I is for information. 

All the tasks we perform on a computer, for example, are about information.

Every report, every invoice, every client and supplier, every communication is information.

And success is increasingly about efficiently managing that information, to better manage your business and to better serve your clients.

An increasingly important example is information is customers. As mass media has become both more expensive and less effective, smart companies have increased their investment in really knowing their customers and marketing direct to them. This is an information management task that's far more complex than it looks, that is ideally suited to management and input via app, enabling the data maintenance task to be broken down and locally validated.

Another is empowering clients to access their own records of what you have done for them, from reports through reports and maintenance records: do this for them in an easy way that helps them and they will be reluctant to change suppliers.

Phone and pad apps are personal and immediate, accessible and understandable – and they really connect with users. But most of all they can give you efficient control over complex data that is gathered – and used – in varied locations: taking the management to the information, which is usually the places where clients are and work is done.


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