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One of the most useful types of app is the directory.

It may not have quite the same buzz as a rad new game, but the app which give people fast, accurate access to suppliers, products and resources directly relevant to what they are doing is going to get used again and again.

People are going to tell their colleagues about it, helping it spread. And as the app itself grows and develops, it can become indispensable to people in its niche.

That's why the apps that sell for the highest prices are most often information apps. And it's why information apps deliver the biggest branding and promotional bang, including establishing credibility and thought leadership.

Another common use is for an organisation to give their clients access to information relevant to them. This could include purchases history, reports compiled for that client or jobs done for them and data specific to them. Having your clients use your app to access their information is a powerful way to lock them in to you as their supplier.

Take a look at the apps we've featured at the bottom of the home page. The Mooditj Marmun app is a classic directory, listing specialist medical suppliers, while iKnowPolitics lists politicians. Plant Sleuth is a very simple database that nevertheless delivers enormous value to its users.

Sometimes however apps aren't immediately recognised as databases. For example, the Flair app we are working on now helps guys remember life-saving information about their partners, for example their shoe size and favourite designer and their mother's name. It  alerts them in advance to birthdays, anniversaries and other key dates (it even suggests gifts). There's a mood predictor, based on personal information. And it includes a huge, constantly updated collection of practical tips for managing a successful relationship. Users can submit their own tips. All of this is a database structure.

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