Make it happen


You've decided to at least explore an app project? Here are the steps we suggest to make it happen.

  1. If you're thinking of an app for an open market (not just for internal and customer use) go to iTunes or GooglePlay or Amazon Appstore and search for similar apps. Is there a niche for you? Will your app be better?
  2. Protect your IP! Download our Non Disclosure Agreement, sign and return a copy to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post).
  3. Set up an initial, no-charge 20 minute consultation with Director Michael Woodhouse. Tell him your idea and he'll tell you straight up if he sees any technical issues in your app, what he thinks the potential of your idea is and whether Humapps is the right developer for you.
  4. All good? Decide if you need to have a formal functional specification prepared (usually yes) and perhaps a market assessment.
  5. Based on the functional specification, we'll give you a firm quote and a soft timeframe.
  6. If you accept the quote, while we're working (or before we start) you should be working on:
    • Funding, including raising ongoing capital if required.
    • A marketing plan, defining progressive market expansion, partners and promotions.
  7. We produce a beta version you can give to associates to test (other testing services are available).
  8. Final version is mounted for sale.
  9. Work on updates and the next version commences.

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