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A database needs data. And data is the most common point of failure in database projects that go wrong.

Typical mistakes are:

  • Under-estimating the amount of time needed to gather and enter data
  • Under-estimating the skill level needed to manage data
  • Under-estimating the amount of data
  • Not recognising in advance all the uses the data can be put to, and planning for them
  • Under-estimating the data maintenance task
  • Poor data quality control

Interestingly, all of these problems pre-date computers; they are as old as the written record.

We can advise you on database management.

In particular, we recommend talking with us about getting your contacts to "own" their data and take charge of inputting it and maintaining it.

If you are producing for example a database of suppliers or providers, it may be critical to your success to shift the data entry responsibility to them – an improvement that is only possible with computers.


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