Make it happen


Build > sell > grab the cash and run...

Sorry, this is not a viable strategy for a commercial app. Only the run part will be OK – because there won't be much cash to weigh you down.

A successful database or business app has a growth path:

  • The app is continually updated, it becomes better and does more things, it builds on its market base
  • The app is progressively introduced to new user groups, with modifications to suit them
  • The app grows into new geographic and language markets
  • The app gives birth to new apps that serve more specialised and related markets
  • Customer feedback points to markets and product developments that weren't imagined initially

We recommend planning for this growth from the beginning. 

Start small, get to market quickly, and build from there.

Don't worry too much about "burning" prospects with a less-than-perfect product: a good product will always evolve so it will never be finished, and no matter how successful your initial promotions, there will be many more people you haven't reached yet than people you have.

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