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If only we could put an item on our price list called "Time" and sell it: one hour of extra time, one week of extra time...

How long will it take to build your app?

Experience suggests, longer than you expect and longer than you want.

This is because your app will turn out to be more complex than you expected and you will have to make more decisions requiring more information and input than you initially allowed for.

We can build a simple app in three of weeks, if we start with a precise functional specification and there are no changes. We're still waiting for that to happen.

In reality:

  • The process of defining an app so it can be built (deciding what it will do, how it will work, what it will look like) takes from one month, depending on how much time the client can put in. 
  • The process of building a simple app, allowing for a few changes and the occasional thing going wrong, is from three weeks for one platform.
  • Beta testing and refinement (essential if you want to launch a functional app that people will appreciate) can take from two weeks.
  • Final mounting to the public can take another week.

So three months build time is a good starting point in your app planning.


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