Funding for NFPs

Not For Profit organisations very often want to gather and share information, to empower clients and for their own use. Often they want to track activities, especially off-site. And they need to raise funds.

Apps built in H-DAM can meet all these needs, efficiently and at low cost. And at Humapps, we offer discount rates to charities.

But you've still got to raise the money.

Funding options are different all around the world, so we can't advise you on specifics, but we can say this:

Government and private fund donors are increasingly focused on:

  • the sustainability of organisations they contribute to,
  • empowering clients to move to self support, and
  • innovation in social investment.

A good, relevant database app can contribute powerfully to these goals.

If you want to prepare a submission for funding to develop an app, we will be very pleased to work with you, at no charge. We can help with information around, sustainability, client empowerment and social investment. Please contact us.

Finally, if you haven't already, take a look at crowd funding. We believe strongly that there are real opportunities for NFPs to develop crowd funding as a self-controlled alternative or supplement to government support that is often tied to specific actions. Please contact us.

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