Funding options

App projects have been funded through:

  • Personal money and credit – even credit cards (and this is the most common source at startup)
  • Friends, relatives and acquaintances (the next most common source at startup)
  • Banks (usually not a good option for startups, unless the founders provide asset security)
  • Crowd funding (increasingly a successful option for app development, crowd funding is low cost and low risk, ideal for small projects and NFPs)
  • Client pre-payments (typically foundation clients who prepay a subscription to ensure the app goes ahead)
  • Interest group support (eg, an app that serves a particular industry may get existing firms in the industry to invest/fund the startup)
  • Unlisted shares markets (eg, in Australia
  • Angel investors, venture capital and wealthy individuals (the holy grail that is only rarely achieved at startup)
  • Progressive unlisted share sales to sophisticated investors, self managed superannuation funds and institutions
  • Stock exchange listing (an expensive option that's mostly for established businesses)
  • Government programs (eg, innovation and development grants)

We can give you general advice about these options and refer you to appropriate advisors.

We can help hands-on with crowd funding projects.

These are charged-for services. Please contact us for details.

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