When we create an app for you, what do you own?

Most complex software includes code from multiple sources which may include:

  • Code written specifically for that project
  • Code which is licensed from its owner and subject to copyright
  • Proprietary code which is licensed from the app producer (in this case Humapps) and subject to copyright
  • Open source code
  • Public domain code
  • Common use code

In addition to code, there is "intellectual property", a not very precise term that includes concepts and, for software, may include unique "look and feel".

With Humapps, you own all code written specifically for that project and you retain all intellectual property rights.

Licensed and proprietary code is code developed by its owners and available to other users under licence, where the licencee pays a fee and the licensor retains ownership. Using licensed and proprietary code avoids the cost of reinventing the wheel. For example, developing a mobile e-commerce solution might cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you might sub-licence one for hundreds and it may be better (market proven, reliable, strongly supported) than what you could afford to build for yourself.

You do not own licenced and proprietary code, but you may hold a licence to use it.

When we use licenced and proprietary code in your app, you will be sub-licensed to use the provided version of the code, for the life of the app version we build. Your licence(s) will include use of the pre-existing H-DAM and Data-vault software owned by Humapps.  You cannot resell this code outside your app and you cannot repurpose it. Licensing may include updates for a specified period of time, though applying the updates may require some coder time and that your app be remounted to all relevant platforms.

Open source code is subject to a licence which allows you to use it at no charge and to further develop it. You do not own open source code. Generally you cannot resell this code outside your app. Open source code is usually supported by a community and is regarded as a community project. Sometimes the concepts of capitalism and open-source don't sit well together and there are few parallels to open source outside the web. Inside the web however open source is strong and pervasive. The website you are viewing now is written in the open source code Joomla! The web itself is open source. Most web servers run on variants of the open source Unix operating system.

Public domain code is code that has fallen out of copyright or which the owner has generously released for free public use. You do not own public domain code.

Common use code is the bits of code everyone uses to tie things together (a bit like common words and phrases in spoken language). You do not own common use code.

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